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The most important thing when looking for a property is to find a trustworthy agent; an agent that has been in the business for a long time, knows the market well and has a large database of available properties and if possible an agent that has been recommended to you through your colleagues or friends.

You need to be honest with your agent and make sure the agent understands your needs and requirements and most importantly your budget. Tell them up front the maximum you can pay should you like something, so they can help you find what you are looking for without wasting your time and know what they have to work with. If you change your requirements, let them know.

There’s no need to see everything within your budget range, only what you require. A lot of times agents take you everywhere which only wastes your time and will cause you frustration. If you listen to too many people’s suggestions that can often lose sight of your requirement or budget and will become more confused as to why the agent hasn’t taken you to the right places.

If you feel the agent is not showing what you require, perhaps they don’t understand your needs OR you are not being realistic about your requirements and budget. Sometimes, your requirements and budget is just impossible. So, be realistic! Once you start your search you should have an idea of the possibility of getting what you want.

It is not advisable to go without an agent; you need an experienced person that the landlord respects and trusts so you are safe. It’s important that the agents know the landlord well so you won’t be stuck with “The landlord from hell”.  Sometimes, the properties are great BUT the landlord is difficult to deal with. Your agent must know this and keep you away from these landlords or they need to be there to help you deal with them throughout the lease term. A lot of times, you are left to deal with the problems on our own. You should be able to call your agent and ask for their help anytime.

A trust worthy agent will help you with negotiations, make sure that you have a fair lease agreement and be there when you need help during the lease term. You need to trust that your agent knows what they are talking about, listen to their suggestions as they know the market and how they can go about getting what you require. If they have a good relationship with the landlord, it makes it easier for them to negotiate for you.

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