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The minimum lease term is for 1 year. The required deposit is 2 month’s rent and 1 month’s advance, total of 3 months’ rent. Most of the time, you will have 60 days to provide your landlord a written notice to terminate or extend your lease. Should you need to terminate your lease before the end of the 1 year lease term, you will lose your deposit BUT will not be responsible to pay anything else.

The Lease Agreements usually come in 3 parts. Rental, Furniture Rental, Services. The sum of the 3 parts is the total of the rent you pay and is only for the landlord’s tax purposes. Even though you might not rent any furniture you will still pay the total amount. So, don’t be confused as to why the numbers are separated in to 3 parts as it will all be added together for your total rental fee. There are a few places that are quite simple, about 4 pages and come in one part. Each owner has their own Lease Agreement but most have the same basic terms.

Sometimes the landlord does not want to change their lease agreement so they might agree to something and add that clause to an Addendum at the end of the Lease Agreement which is fine. The landlord might put in a clause regarding repair work, for example saying that the person leasing the property pays for any minor repairs less than 4,000Baht (this amount could range from 2,000-5,000Baht) depending on the rental.  And the landlord will be responsible for anything over that amount as it is considered major repairs.

Putting up pictures and making holes in the walls, sometimes the landlord will charge you for the holes in their walls. So, if they do, you might want to negotiate on the minimum pictures you are allowed without charge and then the rest you will have to pay. The charges depend upon the landlords, but it could be between 100-500Baht/hole.

In most cases, the person leasing the property is responsible for paying the Electricity, Water, Cable TV and Internet fees in addition to the rent whilst some of these items have a fixed fee from the management. In this case, sometimes there’s a small amount of room for negotiation. Again, this depends upon the landlord and if the landlord doesn’t have a fixed fee for these items, the person leasing the property is responsible for the fees.

These are some clauses that I find people question be about the most. So, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at lisa@bangkokbestfriend.com.

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