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It’s important that you don’t listen to everyone where you should be living! Friends don’t know what you do on a daily basis. Your friends don’t know what your main concerns are. They will tell you what they know and believe is good BUT in reality it could be the opposite of what you need.

If your work, or your spouse’s work, is priority, then you need to focus on being close to the office or at least have easy access to highways so you or your spouse can easily get there, that would be the best choice. If your children’s school is most important, then you need to look for places closest to the school. Or if you have certain places you need to go to on a daily basis, then you need to be close to the location or have easy access to get to there.

If you have to use the skytrain (BTS) or underground (MRT), these are things to consider.  Ask your agent, they will know where you should live and where not to as the traffic can become your nightmare.

The main Expat living areas are Sukhumvit, Ploenchit/Chitlom (CBD) and Sathorn/Silom and Phaholyotin area. These areas are on the BTS or MRT route and are all areas that have easy access to supermarkets and restaurants. Choosing the right area depends on where you would like to live, the surroundings, the area atmosphere. It should be closest to your daily activities and easy to reach the hospital if there’s an emergency. Sometimes the traffic can be really bad at peak hours of the day. So, if getting to the Doctor is your main concern then I suggest living close by.


Sukhumvit area is the most lived in area for Expats as the BTS and the MRT accesses are here. The two main Expat hospitals are located in the Sukhumvit area. There are shopping malls, many restaurants and supermarkets all along the Sukhumvit Road as well as a couple of small Parks. If you drive, sometimes the traffic can be pretty ugly BUT if you take the BTS, you will not have any problems.


Ploenchit/Chitlom – CBD area is the most expensive area to live in. Not always the place to live even though it is Central. The traffic really jams up in this area. BUT if you work around the Central area, it makes sense to live here. There are a few major malls and department stores located in this area and there is easy access to the BTS and the oldest and largest park (Lumpini) in this area.


Sathorn/Silom area is more for people who are working as there are a lot of offices in this area. So, the traffic here is also very bad at peak hours. It has access to the other side of the river where most local people live and commute in and out of Bangkok off Sathorn Rd. There many low and high rise buildings in this area. Easy access (at some points) to the BTS and MRT as it’s not running down one main road. Usually people who live in the Sathorn area but away from the BTS require a car, or use taxis, to get to the BTS or MRT.


Phaholyotin area is on the BTS route, it is north of the CBD area. It is pretty much of a local area BUT is expanding quickly with more high rise condos to accommodate the growing need to expand. It is close to the famous Jatujak (JJ) weekend market.

Where ever you decide to live… make sure you keep in mind your priorities. It should be based on your daily routines OR your most important concerns.

If you’d like to know more about this or have any questions that I can answer OR if I can help you with finding the perfect home, please contact me at lisa@bangkokbestfriend.com.