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In an apartment, when you’ve decided on a place to live, it is common that you can ask for the furniture to be reupholstered. They will provide a book of sample fabrics for you to choose from. If they have a different style of furniture available you can ask them to change it for you.

If there is anything you feel needs fixing or changing, you can ask them if they will do it. If the unit needs fixing, most landlords are happy to accommodate your request. Your agent should be able to get what you require if it’s a reasonable request. If there’s a lot to do, it always helps if you agree to a longer lease term, say 2-3 years. At times, if they have to invest too much, they might ask if you to pay for some of the renovations. This all depends upon the rent and sometimes the landlords will provide everything you need BUT they will ask for a slightly more rental fee.

There are landlords that will not change anything as they want to keep it the way it is. If this is the case, you will have to accept it as it is. They will clean and fix and change any damages prior to you moving in. Make sure you list the items and ask your agent to make sure these items are taken cared of before you move in.

Drinking water is usually provided by a service provider and if you have a building management company they can help get that organized for you. The bottled water is usually delivered once a week. You pay a deposit for the bottles and purchase the coupons. They will deliver when they see your empty bottle at your door with the coupon underneath the bottle.

These are things that you might expect to request and expect when renting, but if you have any specific questions I can clarify for you please feel free to email me anytime at lisa@bangkokbestfriend.com.

Thank you and happy hunting!! 🙂