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It is best if possible to find your maid or driver through someone’s recommendations. Like someone who’s leaving the country and their helpers need to find new employment.. These helpers are usually highly recommended and could cost you a little more than you would like to pay BUT it is usually worth it.. The more experienced ones usually speak pretty good English and can cook. This is why they cost more than the usual. You can also check with The American Women’s Club and Villa Supermarket bulletin boards for maids and drivers. Also thru your apartment or condo management if they know of anyone looking for work. But do tell them you need someone who can understand and speak some English. Then when interviewing you can see how much they really understand.

For top of the crop live-in maids (English speaking and can cook) you would expect to pay anything from 12,000-15,000Baht/mth. Some even more depending on their experience and how much their responsibilities are. For full time but none live in and part time it would be less accordingly. BUT the top maids are usually live-ins and/or full time.

Part time maids can usually be found through the building management as the maids working at the buildings. are just going from one unit to the next. It would be a good idea to find someone at the bldg. to save cost as they are already there. Part time usually means half day, (twice or three times a week) can be a few hours or as soon as they finish their chores they can leave. This depends on your agreement. The rate depends upon how much work they have to do. If there’s only one person and the unit is not large. To do the cleaning, laundry and ironing, you can expect to pay 400-500Baht/time. Some maids will not iron or they are not recommended for ironing so you will have to check. The going rate might depend on the building you live in BUT usually around this rate.