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Here in Bangkok, there are 5 types of property to rent from. Single houses, Single houses in compounds, Town houses, Apartments and Condominiums. The type of residential properties depends on what you are looking for. Single houses and Town houses are for more independent people. Single houses in compounds, apartments and condos for more services, facilities and security.


Single houses usually have a yard, depending on the size of the land. It requires that you maintain the garden. It might be wise to have a live in maid or a gardener or a night guard for security purposes if no-one is home. It is not common for a house to have an alarm system, so you may need to negotiate with the landlord to provide this in the beginning, or have it installed yourself. Since you are on the ground, there will be insects, bugs of all sorts and sometime snakes, so you have to keep that in mind and be observant.


Single Houses in a compound or Moo Baan (Housing Estate) These houses will also have a small or large garden depending on land size and are mostly located just right outside of the central area. There are some in the central area but are smaller estates. They are either partly or none furnished. They usually have shared facilities, pool, playground etc. And they will have a 24 hour security guard service.


Townhouses are similar to apartments. Semi detached look and are multi leveled, usually about 3+ storeys. They are either partly or none furnished. If you have small children or older folks, this would not be an advisable living condition as there are many stairs to climb. If it is in a compound, it will usually provide shared facilities and security guard.


Apartments are developed by a developer or family. They manage the apartments themselves or hire a company to do so. The apartments are of the same standard and décor and larger in size than condos. Not as modern in style. They are fully furnished and if you need to take out the furniture, they can do that for you as they have storage facilities. They usually provide a pool and gym and 24 hour security guard. Since it is owned by one family or developer is it easier to provide quick service as they don’t need permission to enter the unit from other tenants or landlords.


Condominiums are developed by a developer and sold off to many owners so the condos are decorated differently. Most of the time the kitchen and bathrooms are the same standard but the décor depends on each owner’s style.  They are smaller than apartments, usually more modern and are mostly fully furnished. As these are individually owned it is sometimes difficult for the landlords to take out the furniture should you require an empty unit as they have nowhere to store it. They usually provide a pool and gym and 24 hour security guard. As it is individually owned should you need service, you will need to advise the management first, if they cannot fix the problem for you, you will need to contact the landlord so they can advise someone to fix the problem for you.

So do keep in mind when choosing the different types property that you understand what it incurs and what is provided so you are not later surprised or disappointed.

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